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Key Challenges in Core Banking Replacement
Core banking replacement has, for long, been considered a strict no-no by banks. Established comfort level with existing technologies and processes, relatively comfortable margins that provided the luxury of overlooking operational inefficiencies, and finally, the fear of the unknown, have all ensured that banks steered clear of this subject. But the current competitive environment with increasingly demanding customers is forcing banks to take a reality check on their technology environment and ensure that their IT strategy is aligned to their business objectives. And core banking replacement is often the only solution to their problems. However, replacement of core banking solutions be it for large or small banks, global or regional is akin to a heart transplant. This can be one of the greatest challenge for any institution, which can either result in the bank leapfrogging to a high degree of differentiation and an enriched customer value proposition, or it can create considerable risks for the bank if the transition is not managed properly. "A core banking solution, once implemented, should be robust, scalable and future-proof and serve the business interest for at least 10 years." Key Challenges Banks need to focus on key factors, which make the core banking transformation a successful experience. Broadly speaking, the key challenges in core banking transformation are:

Vendor capabilities and credentials 
Dependence on legacy/vendor applications and impact on envisioned technology architecture 
Bank’s business goals and alignment to leverage the new technology 

Our Core Banking Solution : CB-Ace
It is our pleasure to announce the availability of an Ace Core Banking Solution, in conformance with Reserve Bank of India norms and Co-operative Banking requirements. User manageable and friendly menu presentation with resource access using favorite marking, named access and hot key access. Having been in production in co-operative banks for almost 2 decades, the solution assures to offer unique technology experience in banking. Combination of World’s top notch database - Oracle as the back-end of the solution, and .Net frame work and XML used for presentation and data exchange, it is noteworthy to own the solution.

Branch Banking 
Customer Profile 
External Interface 
Cheque Clearing 
CASA Deposits 
CCOD Limits 
Term Deposits 
Recurring Deposits 
Automated Yearend Processes